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I haven't met a child who doesn't love toys.  But I have met many children who don't want to put away their toys!  I am sure you can relate with that =)  For many parents, toys can be a love and hate relationship.  It's important to have toys for children to play with because that's how children learn many skills like motor skills, sensory skills, cognitive skills and more.  But the room gets messy because children want to play with toys all the time.  So how do you encourage your little ones to put away their toys?  I think there are many different approaches, and one of them is to get your little ones involved with organizing toys from the very beginning.

For example, help your little ones sort the toys into bins so they understand how to group similar items together.  Once they've learned how to sort, then they are ready for the next step - making their own labels.  Having children make their own labels is a great way to get them excited about putting toys away.  As they color, cut and attach these toys labels onto bins or drawers, they become familiar with the names of the labels and how the organization system works.  The labels have pictures so as they get better at putting toys back in the right place, they will gradually learn the words for each label. 

How to Use

  1. Print out the toy labels on 8.5"x11" in black and white
  2. Color in the labels
  3. Cut along the dashed lines
  4. Tape clear packing tape over the colored side and attach the label to the bin.  This will help keep the labels durable.  You can also laminate the labels and just use double tape on the back side to attach to the bins.  
  5. Have a sorting game with your child so he or she can practice putting toys away in the right place.

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