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1. What age range is the resource library for?

Our contents are ideal of kids 3 to 9 years old.  But we have many parents and teachers with kids below and above that age group who have really enjoyed the materials.

2. Are the activities and games easy to start?

Our activities and games are super easy to start!  After you have printed them out, your kids can start playing right away. There are some activities that will require a pair of scissors, pens and coloring pencils.  Feel free to message us here if you’d like step-by-step instructions.

3. Do I need to speak Mandarin to use the resource library for my kids?

Not at all!  Play and Learn Mandarin Chinese is our motto.  If your kids love to play, then they will learn Mandarin Chinese with our creative materials!  Plus, all of our contents are bilingual, so you can even learn Mandarin Chinese together with your little ones.

We encourage you to take part in playing alongside your kid so you can both help each other out.


4. What's included in the Premium subscription?

LingoBuddies.fun’s Premium subscription gives you unlimited access to our Resource Library.  From hands-on activities to environment builders, every content is created to inspire creativity and spark curiosity in learning Mandarin Chinese.  We are here to help you create a playful and immersive environment at home so your kids will develop a love for learning Mandarin Chinese.

We also add new contents every month so your kids will never run out of things to play and learn!

5. Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely!  We want you to be happy with your purchase.  You may cancel your account anytime on the Account page by logging in and going to User Menu > My Account > Plan Details. Follow the steps to cancel and confirm your cancellation. Your cancellation will be effective at your next subscription renewal date.

6. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

7. Can I order the subscription as a gift?

We would love for you to gift a Chinese learning subscription to someone special!  Simply register for a subscription plan and send us an email so we can set it up for you and the recipient.  

Registered Members

1. After registering, how do I access the Resource Library?

Simply log-in on lingobuddies.fun to access the resource library.  Make sure you have confirmed your email address in order for us to activate your account.  Our resource library can be viewed by everyone but only registered members can download the worksheets and activity books.

  • For Premium Members, you have Unlimited Access to download any worksheets or activity books you like.
  • For Registered Free Members, you can download any items in the “Free” category.

And don’t forget to log-in regularly to see the new contents we add every month!

2. How do I print my digital download?

You can print our files right at home on a color inkjet or laserjet printer.  For best results, check that your ink cartridges are not running low. Alternatively, you can print the files at a local printer or online printer such as Staples, FedEx or Kinko’s. 

For flashcards and labels, we recommend printing on heavy card stock and laminating them.

For the activity worksheets we recommend printing on standard paper and keeping them in a binder.

3. Can I use the worksheets for teaching a class?

All LingoBuddies.fun materials are for personal use only.  But if you would like to use our resource library for your class, we are happy to provide you a quote.  Please email us at contact@lingobuddies.fun 

4. How do I renew or change my subscription?

Your Premium subscription is renewed automatically monthly or annually depending on your plan.  You can upgrade or cancel your subscription plan anytime by logging in and going to User Menu > My Account > Plan Details. Follow the steps to change your subscription.

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