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5 Best Free Chinese Audiobooks for Children learning Mandarin

How do you teach your kids kindness?  Whether you are a parent, a school teacher, a homeschooling teacher or all of them, kindness is such an important practice that we have to instill in our little ones.  But the question is, where do we start?  After speaking with other parents and educators, we created these kindness activities to encourage more acts of kindness and compassion.  You can use them to teach your kids at home or in a classroom. These kindness activities are perfect for preschoolers, kindergartners and first graders.

How To Teach Your Kids Kindness?

You probably already know the answer to this one!  The best way to teach kindness is to be the model of kindness. Children learn best through what they see and experience. By modeling kind behaviors and encouraging kind gestures, you create a safe and positive learning environment for your children. When children learn to treat others with respect and generosity, they will spread kindness to everyone they meet. Not only that, in a learning environment, they feel comfortable to make mistakes and be vulnerable.

How To Help Kids Understand Kindness?

First and foremost is to help your children understand what is kindness. You can use everyday examples to explain kindness to your preschoolers or kindergarteners. Storytelling is one of the best method to help children understand kindness. Tell stories that spark discussions around kindness. Encourage your children to talk about where kindness was observed and what the impacts were. For example, in “The Three Little Pigs”, how did the little pig showed kindness? He shared his house with his brothers when they were running away from the big wolf. You can also ask your children how might they act in similar scenario to encourage more acts of kindness.


How To Inspire Kind Behaviors?

Create an opportunity for your children to witness and experience random acts of kindness. When we experience kindness, we feel good. Ask your children how they felt and what other kindness behaviors they can think of that would make people feel good, too. Here are some cute mindful kindness greeting cards that can inspire more kind gestures. Have children send these positive cards to friends and family (especially to grandparents).
5 Best Free Chinese Audiobooks for Children learning Mandarin

How To Practice Kindness?

Like any skill, kindness takes practice. Using our Acts of Kindness Flashcards and Chart as visual aids. Help your children practice kind behaviors and show them the amazing power to spread joy to people around them.
In our Acts of Kindness Flashcards, you will find the following kindness acts.

1. Let someone else go first
2. Give a kind compliment
3. Say “good morning”
4. Say “hi” to someone new
5. Tell someone “thank you”
6. Share with someone else
7. Offer to help someone out
8. Invite someone to join you
9. Give someone a high five
10. Ask someone how they are
11. Smile at someone
12. Hold the door open
13. Help clean up
14. Spend time with a friend
15. Write a kind note
16. Hug someone
17. Make someone laugh
18. Draw a picture for someone
19. Tell your parents you love them
20. Listen when others speak

5 Best Free Chinese Audiobooks for Children learning Mandarin

It’s so important to nurture kindness in your little ones early. They will carry on to spread generosity and compassion to all of the people they encounter and the people that they meet will spread it even further. It’s like compound interest, but with love and kindness. Not only that, as they grow older they will have the essential skills to be kind to themselves.

You can find all of our kindness activities for kids in Chinese in our School category under Themes.

5 Best Free Chinese Audiobooks for Children learning Mandarin
5 Best Free Chinese Audiobooks for Children learning Mandarin
5 Best Free Chinese Audiobooks for Children learning Mandarin

Whether your little ones are in preschool, kindergarten, or elementary school, I hope these kindness activities will foster a welcoming learning environment. Create a fun and inviting Chinese learning environment, see our school themed activities.

Share your Kindness activities with our community of parents and teachers!  Send your photos to or add #lingobbudies to your social media posts!

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