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Acts of Kindness Challenge Cards in Chinese

This set of Acts of Kindness Challenge Cards in Chinese is perfect for teaching your students about kindness. In this chart, you will find a total of 12 acts of kindness cards. Each card features a number to represent how many times a specific act of kindness needs to be conducted. When your student completes one act, they can fill in or put a check mark in the circle. When all the circles on the card is filled, they can move onto the next card. This exercise will encourage your students to engage in random acts of kindness and focus on what’s important. As your students fulfill more acts of kindness, they will become more aware of how they interact with other people and develop compassion towards others. After all the challenges are finished, hold a discussion with your students to share any other acts of kindness they witnessed or experienced. Write them down so you can create another kindness challenge! For more inspirations on how to teach your students kindness, see our Kindness blog post. Include Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.