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My Goldfish Journal

My Goldfish Journal is a super fun journal that your child will absolutely love. Your child gets to personalize his/her own goldfish character with many fun hats and accessories that they will bring on their next adventure. The journal prompts your child to take photos or draw about their adventures with the goldfish, as well as encourages your child to describe or write things they experienced with their 5 senses. As your child fills in each journal entry, he/she will build familiarity with the Chinese words for weekdays, months, days, senses, and weather. This pack also includes a DIY Senses Dice template that compliments each journal entry. Whether your child’s adventure takes place in the backyard or at a national park, this journal will help capture those special moments and will become a timeless keepsake. If you have photos of your little one with the goldfish, we love to see them and share them with our community of parents and teachers. Simply send us an email with your photo/journal, we will share them in our Facebook group to inspire more journaling!  For more details on this goldfish journal, see our printable goldfish blog post.  Include Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.