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Acts of Kindness Chart in Chinese

Use this Acts of Kindness Chart in Chinese as a visual promotion for kindness in your Chinese learning environment. There are a total of 20 acts of kindness in this chart, including 1. Let someone else go first
2. Give a kind compliment
3. Say “good morning”
4. Say “hi” to someone new
5. Tell someone “thank you”
6. Share with someone else
7. Offer to help someone out
8. Invite someone to join you
9. Give someone a high five
10. Ask someone how they are
11. Smile at someone
12. Hold the door open
13. Help clean up
14. Spend time with a friend
15. Write a kind note, see our Kindness Greeting Cards
16. Hug someone
17. Make someone laugh
18. Draw a picture for someone
19. Tell your parents you love them
20. Listen when others speak
Use this chart with these Flashcards. For more inspirations on how to teach your students kindness, see our Kindness blog post. Include Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.