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I love boba tea and so should every child learning Mandarin Chinese!  Just kidding 😆  But seriously, boba tea is such a quintessential part of Asian culture now, it's probably a good idea to get your little ones introduced to boba tea as soon as they know how to chew properly.  My nephew had his first boba 3 months ago.  He absolutely loved it!  We made it from scratch and it turned out bigger than the typical boba balls.  It was perfect for him since we didn't want him to swallow it by accident.  Safety comes first!

This boba tea activity set is as safe as it gets!  It's a fun way to learn how to count and recognize numbers in Chinese.  This set can be used in multiple ways.  You can use it to teach your kid counting, adding and subtracting, and colors.  Each card has a unique color so you can easily use it for a color matching game.

There are a total of 12 cards.  They can also be used to help teach adding and subtracting.  Simply place two cards together and have your kids fill in the bobas spots with little sticker dots / play dough pieces / what ever you have on hands and then have them count all the dots for a grand total. 

How to Use

  1. Print tool set on 8.5"x11" in color
  2. Cut along the dashed lines
  3. For counting: place the right number of beads/play dough pieces/circle stickers etc. on each card
  4. For color learning: cut small rectangular pieces of colored paper and roll it into a small tube / straw.  Have your kid match the straw colors to the boba tea card.
  5. After playing, you can tape the numbers on the wall to build an immersive Chinese learning environment.

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