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Pretend food play is definitely one of my favorite activities as a child.  I loved watching my mom make food.  I would sit by the kitchen counter and observe from beginning to end.  It always fascinated me to see simple ingredients combined together and become a tasty dish.  There are so many classic Chinese dishes that children like.  But perhaps the most universally loved dish is the tomato egg.  It's easy to eat, colorful, packed with nutrients and goes superbly well with rice.  Not to mention, it is usually seasoned with some sugar to elevate the overall taste.  It's no wonder children love this dish!

In America, the equivalent to tomato eggs is probably tomato spaghetti.  All my nephews and nieces can eat this all day long.  So in this printable food play set, I've combined tomato eggs, spaghetti and an assortment of common fruits and vegetables to kick start your child's journey to learning Mandarin Chinese.

Ways to Play

  • Match the correct ingredients to make each dish
  • Match correct ingredients image cards with word flashcards
  • Pretend shopping by matching the correct ingredients in each basket
  • Create your own dishes / grocery list and ask your child to help you collect the ingredients
  • Collect real ingredients in the kitchen and use flashcards to match with the right ingredients
  • Sort the fruits / vegetables / pantry items

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  1. Sylvia Loh

    Hello, may i check if all your worksheets here are in Chinese Traditional wording?


    • Lingo Buddies

      Hi there! Yes, all worksheets are in traditional Chinese with English translation. The new ones in 2021 all have both simplified and traditional Chinese versions.


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