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This Halloween is going to be a spook-tabular one with these 18 fun Halloween games and activities for your kids.  Whether you are going trick-or-treating with your child outdoors or throwing a party indoors, these games and activities will help your child engaged with learning Mandarin Chinese.  Halloween games and activities in Chinese are a wonderful way for your child to build a connection between the current event and the Chinese language.  By playing with fun Halloween games and activities in Chinese, your child develops a positive connection with learning Chinese.   

Origin of Halloween

Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October of every year.  This holiday originated from Celtic culture about 2000 years ago.  People believed that October 31st marked the day when the ghosts of the dead returned to earth.  Halloween was celebrated in Ireland, UK and northern France.  Over time as Europeans migrated to America, bringing with them customs and beliefs of Halloween, a new version of American Halloween emerged.  Halloween is now celebrated in America with dress up in costumes, pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating.

Halloween Around the World

There are many holidays around the world that are similar to Halloween such as Mexican Dias de los Muertos, Chinese Qing Ming Festival [清明節 | 清明节] (Tomb Sweeping Day / Ancestors' Day), Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival [中元節 / 鬼節 | 中元节/鬼节], Japanese Obon, Korean Chuseok, Brazilian Dias dos Finados, and more.  By celebrating Halloween and other holidays around the world, children have the opportunity to explore cross-cultural similarities and differences and develop appreciation for cultural diversity.

Halloween Party Games & Activities

Since Halloween is my favorite holiday as a kid, I got a little carried away with creating these activities.  This Halloween activity book is the biggest one by far.  There are 18 different games and activities plus Halloween party banners and bingo games to celebrate Halloween 2020 in style!  These activities will hone your child’s skills in Chinese colors, Chinese numbers and counting, Chinese characters and Chinese words.  This Halloween activity book is great for children in preschool, kindergarten, first grade and 2nd grade.

Here's a flip-thru of this Halloween activity book:

Halloween Party Games

Get in the festive spirit by decorating your home with some pumpkins and Halloween party banners!  We also made bingo games, sudoku, I-spy and scavenger hunt games that are perfect for your Halloween party.

Halloween Worksheets

Besides games, we made a huge set of Halloween worksheets that will keep your little one busy.  You will find lots of candy related worksheets, after all, it's Halloween!

Halloween Coloring Pages

A Halloween activity book just cannot be completed with out coloring pages.  One of the coloring pages is inspired by my favorite Ghibli movie Kiki's Delivery Service.  Make sure to print out a few copies so you can color them in with your child.

Halloween Chinese Vocabularies

Here are some common Halloween vocabularies to teach your child.  In the activity book, we made many activities to help your child practice recognizing these Chinese characters and words.  From Halloween flashcards to word puzzles, your child will definitely be fluent in Halloween lingo by the end of the book!  Watch our video below to practice these words with your little one.

蝙蝠 | 蝙蝠 biān fú | bat

黑色 | 黑色 hēi sè | black

黑貓 | 黑猫 hēi māo | black cat

掃把 | 扫把 sào bǎ | broom

大鍋 | 大锅 dà guō | cauldron

糖果 | 糖果 táng guǒ | candy

糖果玉米 | 糖果玉米 táng guǒ yù mǐ | candy corn

服裝 | 服装 fú zhuāng | costume 

科學怪人 | 科学怪人 kē xué guài rén | Frankenstein

鬼 | 鬼 guǐ | ghost

萬聖節 | 万圣节 wàn shèng jié | Halloween

鬼屋 | 鬼屋 guǐ wū | haunted house

南瓜燈 | 南瓜灯 nán guā dēng | jack-o'-lantern

棒棒糖 | 棒棒糖 bàng bàng táng | lollipop

月亮 | 月亮 yuè liàng | moon

十月三十一日 | 十月三十一日 shí yuè sān shí yī rì | October  31st  

橘色 | 橘色 jú sè | orange

貓頭鷹 | 猫头鹰 māo tóu yīng | owl

南瓜 | 南瓜 nán guā | pumpkin

骷髏 | 骷髅 kūlóu | skeleton

蜘蛛 | 蜘蛛 zhī zhū | spider

蜘蛛網 | 蜘蛛网 zhī zhū wǎng | spider web

不給糖就搗蛋 | 不给糖就捣蛋 bù gěi táng jiù dǎo dàn | trick-or-treat

巫婆 | 巫婆 wū pó | witch

巫婆帽 | 巫婆帽 wū pó mào | witch’s hat

Halloween Activity Book

Your child will have so much fun playing these Halloween activities while learning Chinese.  Here's a table of content to show you just how many activities are included. 

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  1. Grace

    I like all your creations! Would you consider having a simplified Chinese version? I learn simplified growing up and find it easier and easier to teach my children and also easier for them to learn. Thanks!

    • Lingo Buddies

      Hi Grace! Thank you for liking them. We are working on the simplified version, but it will take some time since we have a lot of materials to update. I will send you an email when it’s ready =)


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