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My Chinese Character Minibook 秋 Autumn

Embark on a journey through the rich world of Chinese characters with My Chinese Character Minibook 秋. Tailored for educators, this mini adventure is poised to redefine character learning!

Overflowing with engaging activities, this workbook transforms Chinese character mastery into an exhilarating quest. Tracing strokes, independent writing, and captivating games collectively enhance students’ confidence.

“I can Write” activities lead students through crafting strokes in the correct order. “I Spy” and “Find and Color” exercises immerse them in the essence of 秋, fostering recognition. The “Color by Chinese Character” game brings an extra layer of excitement.

Yet, the exploration continues! My Chinese Character MiniBook features imaginative exercises that deepen mastery of 秋. Ideal for fall season lessons, this workbook pairs seamlessly with and for Mid Autumn Festival activities, forming a trio of learning fun.  Include Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.