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My Chinese Character Minibook 看 See

Explore the realm of Chinese characters with our dynamic My Chinese Character MiniBook 看. Thoughtfully designed for educators, this adventure reinvents character learning as an engaging journey. Filled with captivating activities, this workbook transforms Chinese character mastery into an exciting exploration. Boosting confidence, it offers tracing strokes, independent writing, and immersive games.

Engaging “I can Write” activities guide students in crafting strokes in the correct order. “I Spy” and “Find and Color” exercises immerse them in 看’s essence, cultivating character recognition. The “Color by Chinese Character” game adds an extra layer of excitement.

This workbook perfectly complements our 5 Senses Dice and I See Colorful Flowers Counting Book. It’s an ideal resource for pairing with color lessons, encouraging children to express “I see…” in Chinese while expanding their vocabulary.

Unveil the allure of My Chinese Character MiniBook and ignite a passion for character learning! Engage with captivating activities tailored to various themes. Include Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.