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My Chinese Character Minibook 我 I

Embark on an exciting journey into the world of Chinese characters with our interactive My Chinese Character MiniBook 我 (Wǒ). This mini adventure is designed to make learning Chinese characters engaging and fun.

Inside this workbook, you’ll find a range of enjoyable activities that will help you master the character 我. “I Can Write” activities guide you through the strokes, building your confidence in writing. Engaging “I Spy” and “Find and Color” exercises make recognizing characters a breeze. Plus, there’s an entertaining “I Can Highlight the Character in These Sentences” game that adds an extra layer of excitement.

This MiniBook pairs seamlessly with other important characters like (Nǐ), (Tā) and (men), creating a comprehensive theme for understanding pronouns and personal interactions in Chinese. Join us on this character-learning adventure today and discover the beauty of the Chinese language! Include Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.