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My Chinese Character MiniBook 小 Small

Embark on an exciting Chinese character journey with “My Chinese Character MiniBook 小 Small”! This dynamic workbook, crafted with educators in mind, is poised to revolutionize character learning by offering an array of captivating activities.

From tracing strokes to independent writing and engaging games, this mini adventure transforms Chinese character mastery into an enjoyable quest. “Complete the Character,” “I Spy,” “Color and Trace,” and “Fill in the Blank” activities cater to various learning styles, ensuring students grasp the intricacies of the character 小 while having fun along the way.

This workbook seamlessly complements and for size comparison and and for quantity lessons, providing a well-rounded learning experience.

]To enrich your students’ learning journey, “My Chinese Character MiniBook 小 Small” pairs seamlessly with “Chinese Characters Combo 大小半多少,” offering matching word activities to reinforce understanding of these five Chinese characters. Include Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.