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My Chinese Character Minibook 天 Sky

Discover the world of Chinese characters with our interactive My Chinese Character MiniBook 天. Crafted with educators in mind, this mini adventure transforms character learning into an exciting exploration.

Packed with engaging activities, this workbook turns mastering Chinese characters into an invigorating quest. Boosting confidence, it offers tracing strokes, independent writing, and captivating games.

“I can Write” activities guide students through crafting strokes in the correct order. “I Spy” and “Find and Color” exercises immerse them in the essence of 天, enhancing character recognition. The “Color by Chinese Character” game adds an extra layer of excitement.

Pairing seamlessly with characters like and , this workbook creates comprehensive themes for understanding weather and moon-related concepts. Uncover the magic of My Chinese Character MiniBook and foster a fascination for character learning! Engage with captivating activities tailored to various topics.Include Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.