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My Chinese Character Minibook 亮 Bright

Embark on a journey through the world of Chinese characters with our interactive My Chinese Character MiniBook 亮. Specifically designed for educators, this mini adventure revolutionizes the process of learning characters!

Loaded with captivating activities, this workbook turns Chinese character mastery into a thrilling quest. Tracing strokes, independent writing, and captivating games all contribute to building confidence.
“I can Write” activities guide students in writing strokes in the correct order, while “I Spy” and “Find and Color” exercises immerse them in the realm of 亮, facilitating recognition. To add more excitement, the “Color by Chinese Character” game awaits.

But wait, there’s more! Our Chinese Character MiniBook also features creative exercises to boost mastery of 亮. This workbook pairs perfectly with , making it a dynamic duo for moon festival lessons with a focus on the moon.

Experience the enchantment of My Chinese Character MiniBook and witness a newfound enthusiasm for character learning! Engage with captivating activities that align with various themes, ensuring a truly engaging journey. Include Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.