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DIY Red Envelopes Lion and Dragon

Embark on a crafting adventure with our DIY Red Envelopes Lion and Dragon – the perfect hands-on activity for celebrating the Year of the Dragon! This delightful project combines creativity with tradition, as kids get to color, cut, and paste their way to a personalized and luck-filled red envelope.

As your child engages in the process of coloring and crafting, they not only enhance their fine motor skills but also immerse themselves in the rich symbolism of the dragon, a revered creature in Chinese culture. The DIY aspect adds an extra layer of excitement, allowing kids to take pride in creating their very own lucky red envelope.

This kit includes two designs – one featuring the energetic dance of the lion and the other showcasing the majestic presence of a full dragon. Your child can choose their favorite, adding a personalized touch to their festive creation.

Pair this craft with our other Chinese New Year gems like Color And Write Dragon Character, Dragon Dance Coloring Page and Find And Color Character Dragon for a complete and immersive experience. Or make more red envelopes with our DIY Chinese Red Envelope: Fu. These activities form a quartet that seamlessly blends creativity, character recognition, and cultural exploration. Explore our Chinese New Year collection where every stroke brings tradition to life, and learning becomes a vibrant celebration! Include Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.