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Chinese New Year Coloring Book with Customs and Traditions

This Chinese New Year Book is a wonderful project for the whole family.  It features the customs and traditions of each day of the Chinese New Year Celebration from the 1st to the 15th. In this book, your kids will get to learn the highlights of each day and practice their coloring skills!  We recommend you start the book two or three days before the Chinese New Year and follow each day until the 15th. By the end, your kids will become a real colorist and a budding anthropologist.  All the descriptions are in both Chinese and English.  Feel free to bind the sheets together with strings or binder rings (see blog post for more details).  Spark new ideas by pairing the book with these Chinese New Year Daily Question Cards. You can also track each day with our colorful Chinese New Year Advent Calendar or bilingual Date Labels.  The book has both Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.