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Yummy Fruits Addition and Subtraction

Dive into Math with our Yummy Fruits Addition and Subtraction! This engaging activity consists of two sheets designed to make learning addition and subtraction fun and delicious.

On the first sheet, children can practice addition by counting and coloring the delightful assortment of fruits. Once they’ve completed their fruity masterpiece, they can then circle the correct Chinese number that represents the total sum of the fruits.

On the second sheet, children can explore subtraction by starting with a larger group of fruits and crossing out the specified number of fruits. After completing the subtraction, they can circle the correct Chinese number representing the remaining fruits.

Pair Yummy Fruits Addition and Subtraction with other fruity-themed activities like Fruits Counting 1-20, Color By Number Fruits and Counting Fruits 1-10 with Character Writing for a comprehensive learning experience. Let the fruity math adventures begin! Include Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.