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Qingming Festival Flashcards in Chinese and English

This hand-drawn set of Chinese and English Qingming Festival Flashcards is perfect for learning about this significant Chinese holiday. Read aloud each Chinese vocabulary with your little ones and explain how the word is associated with Qingming Festival. There are a total of 12 Qingming Festival Flashcards. Example of words include: Fly a kite, eat spring rolls, burn incense and more. Use this set of Flashcards as part of the lesson plan for learning about Qingming Festival / Tomb Sweeping Day. Flashcards are really useful when learning vocabulary. When pairing a word with a picture, they allow children to make associations between written Chinese characters and visual representation. You can also make it into a game by printing out 2 sets for a memory game. For more Qingming Festival activities, see here. Include Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.