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Good Night Gorilla Puppets

Bring the magic of Good Night Gorilla to life with our Good Night Gorilla Puppets! This delightful set includes both a black and white version for a personalized touch, perfect for coloring enthusiasts, and a full-colored version for instant storytelling fun. These charming puppets allow you to recreate the beloved story in your own imaginative way. Once each piece is cutout, tape it on a popsicle stick. As you animate each character, your storytelling adventure becomes a dynamic and interactive experience.

Whether you’re an educator, parent, or little storyteller, these puppets foster creativity, language development, and fine motor skills. Puppets serve as fantastic tools for storytelling, enabling children to actively engage with the narrative and express their creativity. The black and white option adds an extra layer of personalization, encouraging kids to make the characters uniquely their own. Expand your Good Night Gorilla learning our Zoo Animal Flashcards and DIY Animal Movement Dice. Include Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.