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Fruits Flashcards with Seasons in Chinese

Perfect for pre-k and kindergarten, these Fruits Flashcards with Seasons in Chinese and English are a great way to teach kids about fruits in each season. This handy pack contains a basketful of 36 illustrated picture word cards. From more common fruits like strawberries (see our strawberry lover tee), bananas, apples, and grapes to the more exotic fruits like durians, lychees, mangosteens and star fruits, your kids will learn a wide range of fruits in Chinese and what seasons they are harvested in. Each fruit flashcard is color-coded to match the season of the fruit! Have your children sort the cards into piles of different seasons or play a memory matching game by finding pairs of fruits in the same season. This set of fruit flashcards is perfect for introducing your children to different types of fruits and learning about eating fruits in season. Extend the fun with our Summer Fruits I Spy and Fruits Word Search. Include Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.