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Chinese Zodiac Animal Wheel

Chinese Zodiac Animal Wheel is the perfect tool to learn about the twelve animals of Chinese New Year. Each animal of the Chinese zodiac calendar represents one year. This zodiac wheel features the twelve animals with the years they represent, and the words in Chinese, English and pinyin. There’s a black and white version to color in yourself or a full colored version for a fun display. Print out 2 copies to make it into a fun game. Cut out each slice of the first wheel and help your little one match each slice to the full wheel! You can also cut out the smaller circle of the first wheel and attach to the full wheel make it into a spinner. Your little ones will spin the smaller wheel to match the English animal words to the Chinese animal words. To learn more about Chinese zodiac animals, you might like to download our Zodiac Flashcards, Zodiac Sequence and Zodiac Race Game. Include Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.