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Chinese Characters Combo 大小半多少

Introducing “This Chinese Characters Combo 大小半多少”! This comprehensive resource features five essential Chinese characters: 大 (big), 小 (small), 半 (half), 多 (many), and 少 (few). With a matching word activity and a spin and cover game, this combo is designed to reinforce your students’ understanding of these characters in an engaging and interactive way.

Pair this combo with our “My Chinese Character MiniBooks” series for a holistic learning experience. As students delve into the activities in each minibook, they’ll develop a deeper understanding of the characters, making them better prepared to tackle the activities in “This Chinese Characters Combo 大小半多少.”

Whether your little learners are mastering one Chinese character a day or a week, these activities are designed to keep them engaged and motivated. By exposing them to engaging Chinese learning materials like this, you’ll foster their interest and build their language confidence. Include Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.