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4Rs Flashcards

Introduce your little environmentalists to the 4Rs with this colorful set of flashcards. Reduce, reuse, recycle and regenerate are the foundation of creating a sustainable environment. Use these flashcards to educate your children about how we can improve our environment. You can also collect items around the house to demonstrate the concept of the 4Rs. For example, to show reduce, point to the light switch and explain how we can reduce the use of energy by turning off the light switches when we are done. For reuse, use your children’s water bottle and explain how we reuse it so we are not buying water bottles and throwing them out after one use. The best way is to show and tell so your children can make connections between the concept and their surroundings. Pair these flashcards with our Environmental Vocabulary Labels. See our blog post to discover 20 earth-loving activities your kids will love!  Include Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.