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30 Day Reward Chart

This 30 Day Reward Chart is the perfect way to help motivate your children in developing good behavior. Each time they achieve a behavior, they will color in a circle or add a sticker to mark each completed behavior. Reward Chart is a powerful tool to use to develop good behaviors. It helps your children focus on the process, not the result. Each time a good behavior occurs, your children are immediately rewarded which gives them a satisfying feeling and encourages them to keep up the behavior. Not only that, a reward chart acts as visual proof of your children’s hard work which motivates your children to keep going. It can be used for developing a new behavior such as a 10-min Chinese reading each day or, changing an existing negative behavior such as putting their socks in the laundry basket after each use. We recommend using one chart at the beginning to help your children learn how it works and focus on one behavior. As your children become more familiar with the reward system, you can add other reward charts for different goals. This 30 Day Reward Chart comes with 3 versions for your children to pick from. There are 2 colored charts and one in black and white. Include Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.