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Color By Number Lion Dance

Get ready for a colorful and rhythmic adventure with our Color By Number Lion Dance. This engaging worksheet brings the lively spirit of the lion dance to life, providing a unique twist to the traditional color-by-number activity.

Watch as your little artist follows the number key to fill each section of the lion with vibrant hues. Not only does this exercise enhance their color recognition skills, but it also introduces them to the captivating world of the lion dance – a celebrated cultural tradition.

Perfect for preschoolers and kindergartners, this worksheet offers a dynamic way to reinforce number recognition while embracing the festive spirit of the lion dance. It’s an excellent addition to your Chinese New Year-themed lessons, infusing joy and creativity into the learning process.

For an immersive experience, pair this worksheet with our DIY Red Envelopes Lion And Dragon, Lion Dance Coloring Page, and Color By Number Chinese Lanterns. Together, they create a quartet of activities that seamlessly blend numeracy, creativity, and cultural exploration of Chinese New Year. Include Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.